Festivals celebrated in Puducherry

New Year

(January 01)
New Year is celebrated with fireworks, parties, resolutions, and hope for a fresh start and prosperity.

International Yoga Festival

(January 04 to 07)
Puducherry, renowned for its yoga and spiritual centers, celebrates International Yoga Day with various yoga camps and workshops, promoting well-being and mindfulness.


(January 14 to 17)
Pongal, the harvest festival, is celebrated with fervor as people prepare the traditional dish and offer thanks for a bountiful harvest.

Republic Day

(January 26)
Republic Day commemorates India's constitution with grand parades, cultural showcases, and patriotic fervor, uniting the nation in pride.

Masi Magam

(February 24)
This South Indian festival features rituals and processions, especially in coastal areas of Puducherry, adding cultural vibrancy.

Mother's Birth Anniversary

(February 21)
Celebrating the birth of "The Mother," a spiritual collaborator, this day is marked with reverence and special observances.

Auroville Day

(February 28)
Auroville's founding anniversary is celebrated with cultural events, showcasing the township's international spirit.

Good Friday

(March 29)
Good Friday commemorates Jesus Christ's crucifixion with solemn services, reflection, and reverence for his sacrifice for humanity.


(April 10)
Ramzan is observed with fasting, prayers, charity, and spiritual reflection, culminating in the joyous Eid al-Fitr celebration.

Tamil New Year

(April 14)
Traditional customs and cultural celebrations highlight the rich Tamil heritage of Puducherry during this festival.

Villianur Car Festival

(May 21)
The chariot procession at Thirukameshwarar Temple in Villianur is a significant event, drawing devotees and spectators.

Karaikal Mangani Festival

(June 21)
Celebrated in Karaikal, this unique festival spans four days and reenacts innovative events, including the tossing of mangoes during Lord Shiva's procession.

Bastille Day

(July 14)
Puducherry's French connection is evident on Bastille Day, celebrated with cultural events inspired by French traditions.

Fete de Puducherry

(August 14 to 16)
Celebrating the de jure transfer of Puducherry to India, this event includes cultural programs and parades, reflecting the historical significance.

Independence Day

(August 15)
Independence Day honors freedom with flag hoisting, patriotic speeches, parades, and celebrations of national unity and pride.

Sri Aurobindo's Birthday

(August 15)
Sri Aurobindo's birthday is honored with meditation, teachings, and celebrations, reflecting his spiritual legacy and influence.

De Jure Transfer Day

(August 16)
Marking the formal transfer of Puducherry to India, this day holds historical significance and is remembered with respect.

Veerampatinam Car Festival

(August 16)
Vibrant processions and festivities mark this celebration in the coastal village, showcasing local traditions.

Vinayagar Chathurthi

(September 07)
Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrates Lord Ganesha with prayers, modak sweets, cultural events, and colorful processions.

Ayudha Poojai Festival

(October 11)
This festival involves the worship of tools and implements, reflecting the importance of work and craftsmanship.


(October 31)
The Festival of Lights is celebrated with the illumination of lamps, colorful decorations, and fireworks, symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness.

Liberation Day

(November 01)
Puducherry Liberation Day commemorates the transfer of territories under French rule to India in 1954, observed with historical significance.

Karthigai Deepam

(December 13)
The lighting of lamps and bonfires during this festival adds a spiritual and festive ambiance to the surroundings.


(December 25)
Christmas brings joy with lights, carols, gifts, and family gatherings, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

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